Drupal to WordPress VIP Migration: An Extensive Guide


In the ever-evolving digital landscape of 2024, businesses are constantly challenged to reassess their strategies and technologies to maintain relevance and competitiveness. Central to this endeavor is the choice of a robust content management system (CMS) that can effectively support organizational goals and adapt to evolving industry trends.

Amidst the myriad of top CMS platforms available, the competition between Drupal and WordPress VIP stands out prominently. Drupal, known for its flexibility and scalability, has historically been the preferred choice for enterprises and organizations seeking extensive customization capabilities. Conversely, WordPress VIP, the enterprise-grade iteration of the widely popular WordPress platform, offers a compelling alternative with its intuitive interface and vast plugin ecosystem.

Despite their popularity, WordPress VIP offers businesses unparalleled scalability, an extensive plugin ecosystem, and a user-friendly interface, making it the optimal choice for enhancing performance and future-proofing their digital presence.

In this blog, we will delve deep into the rationale behind migrating from Drupal to WordPress VIP. We’ll explore the compelling advantages that WordPress VIP offers over Drupal, dissect the migration process step-by-step, showcase success stories of brands that have made the transition, and provide insights into the cost implications.

Major Benefits of Drupal to WordPress VIP Migration

Benefits of Drupal to WordPress VIP Migration

By migrating from Drupal to WordPress VIP, businesses can leverage advantages that enhance their digital presence, improve user experiences, and drive meaningful business outcomes in the competitive landscape of 2024.

Enterprise-grade security protections:

WordPress VIP offers robust security measures, including regular updates and advanced threat detection, providing businesses with a secure environment for their websites. According to a study by Sucuri, WordPress accounted for only 2% of hacked websites in 2023, showcasing its resilience against security threats.

Reliable site performance:

WordPress VIP ensures lightning-fast performance and continuous availability through its optimized infrastructure. Notably, during the U.S. election week in 2020, WordPress VIP demonstrated exceptional reliability, maintaining 100% uptime and achieving impressive response times of just 144 milliseconds. These results were achieved even for high-traffic sites like FiveThirtyEight, which managed a staggering 132,000 requests per second. Such reliability underscores WordPress VIP’s capability to handle substantial traffic loads without compromising user experience.

Content-focused analytics with

Integration with empowers businesses to gain valuable insights into audience behavior, content performance, and engagement metrics. By leveraging data-driven strategies, organizations can refine their content strategies and optimize user experiences to drive meaningful business outcomes.

Accelerated content production and improved workflows:

WordPress VIP’s intuitive interface and streamlined workflows facilitate accelerated content production and collaboration among team members. Studies have revealed that businesses experience a significant reduction in content creation time after migrating to WordPress VIP, leading to increased productivity and efficiency.

Agile architecture, including multisite, headless CMS, and more:

WordPress VIP’s agile architecture supports multisite deployments, headless CMS integrations, and microservices architectures, enabling businesses to adapt quickly to changing business needs and technological trends. This flexibility allows organizations to scale their digital presence efficiently and future-proof their platforms.

Content personalization and multilingual publishing:

WordPress VIP offers advanced capabilities for content personalization and multilingual publishing, allowing businesses to deliver tailored experiences to diverse audiences. Studies have shown that personalized content can lead to higher engagement and conversion rates, making this feature invaluable for businesses targeting global markets.

The potential for a 415% return on investment:

Research indicates that businesses can achieve a return on investment of up to 415% after migrating to WordPress VIP. This remarkable ROI is attributed to factors such as increased website performance, improved user experiences, and enhanced scalability, demonstrating the tangible benefits of migrating from Drupal to WordPress VIP.

Navigating Challenges: Considerations for Drupal to WordPress VIP Migration

Considerations for Drupal to WordPress VIP Migration

Embarking on a migration journey from Drupal to WordPress VIP offers a plethora of benefits, yet it’s essential to acknowledge and mitigate potential challenges along the way. Let’s delve into some of these considerations to ensure a smooth transition and maximize the value of your migration investment.

Financial Considerations: Evaluating Costs Beyond the Norm for a CMS

While the initial cost of migrating to WordPress VIP may exceed your current CMS expenses, it’s crucial to recognize the long-term return on investment. By investing in WordPress VIP, businesses gain access to unparalleled features, support, and scalability, ultimately driving greater efficiency and profitability over time.

Training Needs: Assessing Additional Requirements for Content and Development Teams

Transitioning to WordPress VIP may require additional training for content creators and developers accustomed to working with Drupal. However, WordPress VIP provides comprehensive training resources and support to facilitate the learning process, ensuring teams are equipped with the skills needed to maximize the platform’s capabilities effectively.

Partnering Decisions: Considering Collaboration with Accredited Agencies

Partnering with an approved agency, such as InfoStride, for your WordPress VIP migration can provide invaluable expertise and support throughout the process. These agencies possess specialized knowledge and experience in executing successful migrations, mitigating risks, and optimizing outcomes for businesses seeking to leverage WordPress VIP effectively.

Learning Curve: Adapting to New Content Publishing and Metric Reporting Workflows

Adapting to the content publishing and metric reporting workflows of WordPress VIP may entail a learning curve for your team. However, with guidance and support from WordPress VIP’s resources and community, businesses can navigate this transition smoothly and harness the platform’s robust capabilities for content management and analytics effectively.

Migration Challenges: Addressing the Intensity and Complexity of the Process

Undertaking the migration from Drupal to WordPress VIP can indeed be a complex and intensive process. However, with careful planning, diligent execution, and collaboration with experienced migration specialists, businesses can mitigate potential challenges and ensure a successful transition without compromising website functionality or user experience.

Case Studies: Real-World Success Stories with WordPress VIP

From enhanced performance to streamlined workflows, each of the following success stories highlight the tangible benefits of migrating to WordPress VIP and illustrate its effectiveness in driving digital innovation and growth.

Capgemini: A Journey from Drupal to WordPress VIP


In 2017, Capgemini embarked on a monumental replatforming project, migrating their network of 38 sites from their legacy Drupal CMS to WordPress. Faced with challenges of decreasing workflow efficiency and unstable website performance, Capgemini sought a solution to empower their teams and support their digital roadmap effectively.

WordPress emerged as the clear choice, offering a decentralized approach to publishing and a robust, intuitive CMS that aligned with Capgemini’s vision of a new digital culture. The transition to WordPress resulted in significant improvements, with over 1,400 new users on the platform, 20,000+ pages published in multiple languages, and a development team that expanded from 5 webmasters to 70 CMS users.

With WordPress, Capgemini experienced greater internal capacity to optimize content, generate leads, and achieve business goals across various teams. The intuitive, flexible, and consistent user experience provided by WordPress empowered content creators, editors, recruiters, and developers alike, propelling Capgemini towards success in the digital landscape.

FleetNet America: Driving Success with WordPress VIP

FleetNet America

FleetNet America embarked on a migration journey from Drupal to WordPress VIP to enhance its digital presence and streamline operations. Transitioning to WordPress VIP’s multisite environment within Cox Automotive’s network, FleetNet aimed for a seamless transition while preserving design and SEO integrity. Meticulous analysis of FleetNet’s data structure and content types facilitated a comprehensive migration process, ensuring data integrity and compliance.

To empower its teams with user-friendly content management tools, FleetNet implemented Gutenberg-based full-site editing, simplifying content creation and management processes. Tailored editorial training further facilitated a smooth onboarding process, enabling users to leverage WordPress VIP effectively. The migration preserved SEO integrity and notably improved Core Web Vitals, reinforcing FleetNet’s digital presence and enhancing user experience.

Deployment on WordPress VIP Multisite was executed seamlessly, aligning with Cox Automotive’s global framework for compliance and efficiency. The migration not only streamlined operations but also showcased the transformative potential of WordPress VIP in optimizing performance and driving growth for FleetNet America.

New York Post: A Digital Transformation with WordPress VIP

New York Post

In 2012, facing the challenges of a rapidly evolving digital news landscape, the New York Post embarked on a digital transformation journey. With the need to seamlessly transition print content online and adapt to new digital requirements, such as live sports updates and social media integration, the Post recognized the necessity for an overhaul of its existing infrastructure.

Partnering with WordPress VIP and Alley, the Post migrated 13 years of legacy content—approximately 1,000,000 articles—from an outdated content management system to WordPress. Alley meticulously remapped data structures and streamlined workflows to ensure a smooth transition and optimize newsroom efficiency.

The results were transformative: the New York Post virtually eliminated downtime, increased visitor metrics, and accelerated newsroom workflows while reducing staff frustration. The new platform supported the launch of sister sites and channels, facilitated rapid deployment of new functionalities, and eliminated the need for a separate content delivery network (CDN), resulting in both budget savings and enhanced performance. Through this digital transformation, the Post realized significant resource savings, which were redirected towards fueling new initiatives and sustaining growth.

USA TODAY Sports Media Group: Unifying High-Profile Sports Sites with WordPress VIP


The USA TODAY Sports Media Group faced challenges with disparate code bases and platforms across its network of high-profile sports sites, leading to technical debt and resource-intensive site management. Seeking a partner well-versed in content delivery at scale, the Group turned to WordPress VIP to streamline operations and support ongoing growth.

Partnering with WordPress VIP, USA TODAY Sports Media Group developed a common theme and feature set to serve as the foundation for all sites in the network. WordPress VIP now hosts and supports 58 sites, all built on this common framework, ensuring efficient workflows and adherence to brand standards.

The results were transformative: the implementation of best practices and a common theme and feature set enabled quick deployment of new sites and eliminated concerns about downtime. With WordPress VIP, USA TODAY Sports Media Group successfully unified its platform, paving the way for continued growth and success in the competitive sports media landscape.

Hachette Book Group: Revolutionizing Digital Marketing with WordPress VIP

Hachette Book Group

Hachette Book Group (HBG), one of the Big five US trade publishers, faced challenges in managing digital marketing efforts for thousands of titles, authors, and imprints spread across disparate platforms. Seeking a centralized solution, HBG turned to WordPress VIP to unify its marketing strategy on a single, powerful platform.

Led by Ryan Pugatch, HBG’s Vice President of Strategic Technology and a staunch advocate of WordPress, the company partnered with WordPress VIP and Alley to architect customizations tailored to their needs. With WordPress VIP managing application management, support, scaling, and performance, HBG’s marketing team could focus on running campaigns and programs effectively.

The results were transformative: HBG gained centralized site building capabilities, a custom page builder, and integration with Elasticsearch for dynamic page elements. Furthermore, ONIX and Bowker integration ensured adherence to metadata best practices, while comprehensive in-dashboard search and data-driven analysis tools empowered HBG to optimize marketing efforts efficiently.

Through its partnership with WordPress VIP, Hachette Book Group revolutionized its digital marketing operations, streamlining processes, and maximizing the impact of its marketing campaigns across its vast catalog of titles.

Technical Steps in a Drupal to WordPress VIP Migration

Transitioning from Drupal to WordPress VIP marks a significant step towards enhancing your digital presence and unlocking unparalleled capabilities. In this section, we’ll take a look at the technical intricacies of migrating from Drupal to WordPress VIP, providing insights and best practices to ensure a seamless transition.

Step 1: Data Evaluation and Mapping

Commence your migration journey by thoroughly assessing your Drupal website’s data structure and content types. Identify key content elements, user data, taxonomies, and custom fields that need to be migrated to WordPress VIP. Map these components to their corresponding counterparts in WordPress VIP to facilitate a smooth transition of data.

Step 2: Content Migration to WordPress VIP

Utilize migration tools or custom scripts to migrate your content from Drupal to WordPress VIP. Ensure that content formatting, metadata, and relationships are preserved accurately during the migration process. Conduct thorough testing to validate the integrity and consistency of the migrated content on the WordPress VIP platform.

Step 3: Theme Development and Customization

Embark on theme development or customization tailored to the unique requirements of WordPress VIP. Craft a custom WordPress VIP theme or select a pre-existing theme optimized for the platform. Customize the theme to mirror the design and functionality of your Drupal site while leveraging the advanced capabilities offered by WordPress VIP.

Step 4: Integration of WordPress VIP Features and Functionality

Identify and integrate WordPress VIP features and functionalities to replicate any custom functionalities or modules present in your Drupal site. Leverage the extensive plugin ecosystem and development resources available for WordPress VIP to enhance your website’s performance, scalability, and user experience.

Step 5: User Authentication and Permissions Management

Migrate user accounts from Drupal to WordPress VIP while preserving user authentication and permissions. Ensure seamless user access and permissions management within the WordPress VIP environment, aligning with your organization’s security policies and requirements.

Step 6: URL Redirection and SEO Preservation

Implement URL redirection rules to maintain SEO rankings and preserve user experience during the transition from Drupal to WordPress VIP. Redirect Drupal URLs to their corresponding WordPress VIP equivalents to ensure uninterrupted access to content and minimize disruptions for users and search engines.

Step 7: Thorough Testing and Quality Assurance

Conduct rigorous testing of your WordPress VIP website to identify and resolve any issues or discrepancies. Test functionality, performance, responsiveness, and compatibility across various devices and browsers to deliver a flawless user experience on the WordPress VIP platform.

Step 8: Launch and Ongoing Support

Once testing is complete, launch your WordPress VIP website and monitor its performance closely. Provide comprehensive post-migration support to address any issues or optimization opportunities, ensuring a seamless transition and continued success on the WordPress VIP platform.

By following these technical steps and best practices, you can execute a successful migration from Drupal to WordPress VIP, empowering your organization to leverage the advanced features and capabilities of the WordPress VIP platform for unparalleled digital growth and success.

Embracing the Future: Leveraging WordPress VIP with InfoStride

Migrating from Drupal to WordPress VIP offers numerous advantages that make it a sensible choice for businesses aiming to enhance their digital presence and streamline their operations. WordPress VIP provides a robust, scalable, and user-friendly platform that empowers organizations to create and manage engaging content seamlessly. With its extensive plugin ecosystem, customizable themes, and advanced features, WordPress VIP enables businesses to adapt quickly to evolving market trends and consumer demands. Additionally, the centralized management and support provided by WordPress VIP ensure reliable performance and peace of mind for website administrators.

As a WordPress VIP partner, InfoStride brings a wealth of expertise and capabilities to the table, spanning a wide range of services tailored to meet your specific needs. From CMS migration to marketing automation and revenue operations, InfoStride offers comprehensive solutions designed to streamline your processes, optimize your workflows, and elevate your digital strategy.

Of particular note are InfoStride’s proficiency with Salesforce, HubSpot, RingLead, and Pardot integrations. By leveraging these powerful tools in conjunction with WordPress VIP, InfoStride enables businesses to unlock new opportunities for customer engagement, lead generation, and revenue growth.

InfoStride excels in various other areas such as managed services, decoupled architecture, quality assurance, UI/UX optimization, API integration, custom WordPress development, headless CMS, and multisite & multilingual site development. With InfoStride as your Drupal to WordPress VIP Migration Service Partner, you can trust that your migration to WordPress VIP will be not just a transition, but a transformational journey towards digital excellence.

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1- Why should I migrate from Drupal to WordPress VIP?

Migrating from Drupal to WordPress VIP offers numerous benefits, including enhanced performance, greater flexibility, and a more intuitive user interface. WordPress VIP’s robust security features and extensive plugin ecosystem make it an ideal choice for businesses looking to optimize their digital presence and drive growth.

2- How complex is the migration process from Drupal to WordPress VIP?

The complexity of the migration process depends on various factors, such as the size and complexity of your Drupal site, the amount of content to be migrated, and the customization required. However, with careful planning, strategic execution, and the assistance of experienced professionals, the migration can be carried out smoothly and efficiently.

3- What kind of support can I expect during and after the migration process?

As a Drupal to WordPress VIP CMS Migration Services provider, InfoStride offers comprehensive support throughout the migration process and beyond. From initial planning and data assessment to theme development, plugin integration, and post-migration support, InfoStride’s team of experts is committed to ensuring a seamless transition and continued success on the WordPress VIP platform.

4- How can InfoStride help with Salesforce, HubSpot, RingLead, and Pardot integrations?

InfoStride specializes in integrating WordPress VIP with Salesforce, HubSpot, RingLead, and Pardot to streamline your workflows, automate marketing campaigns, and maximize your digital marketing efforts. Whether you need to sync CRM data, automate lead generation, or optimize marketing automation workflows, InfoStride has the expertise and resources to help you achieve your goals.


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