DIR Contract for Comprehensive Web Development and Managed Services

Infostride, Inc. Company provides various Comprehensive Web Development and Managed Services through this contract, including but not limited to: Website Design and Development, Business Analysis Services, Website Hosting, Cloud Hosting, Email Hosting, Accessibility Services, Web Content Management, Web Training, Maintenance and Support, plus Optional services related to Comprehensive Web Development, in addition this vendor provides volume discounts solutions.

This facilitates local and state governments, public educational institutions and other public offices in Texas and outside, in acquiring our services without having to go through the tedious RFP process. We create a safe collaborative space for public organizations through streamlined managed services, to ensure improved operations, better maintenance and support and reduction in expenditure.


Contract Number: DIR-CPO-5202

To order services under the DIR contract, it is mandatory for the customer to have an approved (PO) Purchase order and (SOW) Statement of Work. The PO should be referenced to the DIR contract number: DIR-CPO-5202

Contract Information

For comprehensive product details and pricing, we invite you to visit our official website Should you require any further information, kindly reach out to us at govt@infostride.com or contact Ritu Mangla at 510-305-1160. We are pleased to assist you with any additional inquiries you may have.


DIR Cooperative Contracts Program

The above link provides information about the DIR cooperative purchasing program for Texas state and local government, public education and other public entities in Texas, as well as public entities outside the state. It sheds light on the benefits of purchasing through DIR. 

Product and Service Specification

The above links introduces you to various roles that can be recruited for under the DIR contract 

How To Order Services
  • For product and pricing information, visit the Infostride, Inc. website or contact Ritu Mangla at (510) 305-1160
  • Generate a purchase order made payable to Infostride, Inc. and you must reference the DIR Contract Number DIR-CPO-5202 on your purchase order.
  • E-mail or fax your purchase order and quote form to your designated vendor sales representative.
Contract Pricing

The above link leads to a document containing pricing details for all technology positions in different Job Categories for various skill levels under this Contract. 

Warranty and Refund Policy

InfoStride does not offer any warranties under this contract, except for the commitment to deliver any requested deliverables in accordance with professional standards and conforming to our customer's specified requirements and warranties as outlined in each individual Statement of Work or Purchase Order. Additionally, InfoStride does not provide any refunds under this contract.

The InfoStride Edge

  • Seamless transition, global delivery model to ensure smooth onboarding
  • End-to-end hiring, orientation, training with tenure tracking
  • Transparent invoice reviews to ensure accuracy in expenditure each month
  • A consistent flow of communication at every level
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Service Offerings

Website design and development


Accessibility Services


Help and support


Branding and marketing

Web content management


Web app development


Content development


Streaming services

Maintenance and support/web training


DNS Domain name system


Web hosting


Business tools and analytics

InfoStride’s public sector services offer support across multiple states in the US. Our primary aim is to focus on catering to the unique set of requirements they all might have. Our strategy is to target initiatives that are common and prevalent in the public sector and identify the best IT talent that can help our clients achieve these goals, keeping in mind the experience, skill, software and infrastructure required for it.

Let’s Talk

Founded in 2014, InfoStride is a certified M/WBE firm headquartered in San Jose, California with an offshore software development facility in India, providing a pre-vetted pool of highly skilled software developers, designers and testers across every tech stack and time zone to startups, SMBs and enterprises worldwide. Let’s brainstorm to understand your specific requirement, so that we can deploy the most suitable IT talent to get it done.

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