Why Web

Accessibility Matters?

At 1.85 billion people globally, people with disabilities (PWD) represent more than one in four on the planet— a market larger than China. [1]

Aging Population

Disability prevalence rises with age, impacting digital interaction for a growing demographic worldwide.

Economic Impact

People with disabilities represent a significant market share, with over $13 trillion in global disposable income annually.

UX Excellence

Accessible design enhances user experience for all, aligning with inclusivity and driving innovation in digital products and services.

Legal Compliance

Accessibility compliance avoids legal issues by meeting regulations mandating digital content accessibility for people with disabilities.

Building A Barrier-Free Digital World

At InfoStride, we envision a digital landscape where inclusivity thrives. By embedding accessibility into every stage of web development, we expand reach, streamline maintenance, and elevate user satisfaction. Our commitment to inclusivity is ingrained in our core values.

InfoAccess: Bridging Digital Divides

In line with our value of inclusivity, we've built a website accessibility solution to streamline accessibility assessments, ensuring seamless navigation and compliance. Introducing InfoAccess: Your partner in creating an inclusive digital world.

  • Free accessibility scan for 5 webpages
  • Assess up to AAA compliance
  • Expert recommendations for accessibility excellence

Assess Your Website's WCAG Compliance

Gain insights into your website's compliance with WCAG guidelines through our scoring feature. Our tool meticulously assess adherence across all levels (A, AA, AAA), ensuring your digital presence achieves optimal accessibility standards and compliance.

Receive Your Free Comprehensive Accessibility Index

Receive our comprehensive accessibility index at no cost, including crawled pages, scanned pages, errors, warnings, and notices. Enhance accessibility effortlessly and elevate user experience with our complimentary analysis.


Why Choose InfoStride ?


Benefit from our team's extensive expertise in web accessibility, ensuring your digital assets meet the highest standards and compliance requirements effortlessly.

Tailored Solutions

Receive personalized accessibility solutions tailored to your unique needs and objectives, guaranteeing optimal user experience and inclusivity.

Ongoing Support

Partner with us for ongoing support and guidance, empowering your journey towards accessibility excellence with continuous assistance and updates.

Ready to Ensure Your Website's Accessibility?

Get your free website accessibility report today and embark on a journey towards digital inclusivity.


Frequently Asked Questions

InfoAccess is a comprehensive website accessibility solution designed to ensure your website meets all necessary accessibility standards, including WCAG compliance.

Our website accessibility checker scans your site for WCAG compliance, identifying areas that need improvement to meet accessibility standards.

WCAG compliance refers to adhering to the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines, which are designed to make web content more accessible to people with disabilities. Ensuring WCAG website compliance helps you reach a broader audience and avoid legal issues.

Yes, InfoAccess provides detailed reports and solutions to help you achieve WCAG compliance, ensuring your site is accessible to all users.

InfoAccess generates comprehensive accessibility index reports that highlight errors, warnings, and notices, giving you a clear understanding of your site’s accessibility status.

Site accessibility ensures that all users, including those with disabilities, can use your website effectively. It also helps you avoid legal risks and improves your brand's reputation.

Regular use of the InfoAccess website accessibility checker is recommended to maintain ongoing WCAG compliance and ensure your website remains accessible as content and technology change.

Yes, InfoAccess not only identifies accessibility issues but also provides actionable recommendations and expert assistance to help you address and resolve these issues.

WCAG compliance specifically refers to meeting the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines, while website compliance can also include other legal and industry standards. InfoAccess ensures both WCAG and broader website compliance.

Getting started with InfoAccess is easy. Simply sign up for a free accessibility scan and report, and take the first step towards making your website fully accessible and WCAG compliant.

A WCAG compliance tool is a software solution that scans and evaluates your website for adherence to the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG). InfoAccess utilizes a powerful WCAG compliance checker to provide detailed reports on your site's accessibility status and recommend necessary improvements to ensure full compliance.

InfoAccess's WCAG compliance checker helps identify and fix accessibility issues on your website, ensuring it meets the necessary WCAG standards. This not only enhances the user experience for individuals with disabilities but also protects your business from potential legal risks associated with non-compliance.