From rapidly changing customer expectations, complying with legal obligations, tapping into new platforms, monetizing content and security breaches to new competitors, the media and entertainment industry face many challenges. With expertise in next-gen technologies such as AI, Blockchain, Big Data and AR/VR, InfoStride can help you navigate these challenges and turn them into business opportunities for growth.

Our Capabilities

Thanks to our deep industry expertise serving leading communications and media clients, we can partner with you throughout the entire value chain – from digital strategy and software product development to digital transformation. We help media companies, publishing houses, digital agencies and communication service providers grow at the pace of tech. Through our consulting capabilities, software solutions and digital-first approach, we can help you leverage the right technology that drives awe-inspiring audience engagement. We can also deliver solutions to tap into new channels so that your audience can enjoy your content while on the go. At the same time, we empower you to become more agile, responsive, efficient in all your digital initiatives while ensuring complete data security & protection.

Advanced Analytics
  • Customer Segmentation  
  • Customer Journey Visualization  
  • Behaviour Pattern Recognition
  • Predictive & Prescriptive Analysis 
Omnichannel Delivery
  • Multiscreen Experience  
  • On-Demand Media Streaming
  • Content Delivery Networks 
  • Subscription Management
  • Order Processing
  • Sentiment Analysis
  • API Development
  • Integrated Advertising  
Data Security & Compliance
  • Threat Protection 
  • Data Protection  
  • Compliance Optimization

Our Service Offerings

We leverage our deep industry expertise and global delivery model to ensure excellence in our every communication, media and entertainment service offering. Our experts lend their hands-on expertise in using modern technologies to help you enhance your audience journeys and outpace the competition.


We keep target audiences in mind while designing and engineering web and mobile applications that promote enhanced engagement and grow your audiences.


Our end-to-end quality engineering services combined with proven testing methodologies ensure continuous, top-notch streaming of your content across all major platforms and devices.


We work closely with you to understand your unique staffing needs to help you build the right workforce and free up your time to focus on delivering better experiences to your audience.

Explore Solutions

Your industry is evolving at a rapid pace. Don’t fall behind. See how we are helping our communications & media clients stay ahead with our innovative solutions.

We Use Smart Technologies

InfoStride has hands-on expertise in using the latest technologies such as IoT, AI and Blockchain. We help businesses across the media, entertainment & communications industry determine the right technology that properly addresses their challenges and drives the best outcomes.

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    iOS Studio

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    Android Studio

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    Amazon Web Services

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    React Native


Let’s talk about how digital can work for your business. We can work together to solve it.