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Project Info

Where the love of fashion intertwines with the intricacies of eastern magic.

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  • Client: Anu Batra
  • Website: banudesigns.com
  • Status: Completed


“bAnuDesigns is a contemporary international design brand that represents graceful elegance. Founded in San Francisco by Anu Batra, bAnuDesigns strives to create designs that are modern with a hint of historical tradition. Endless hours of refined craftsmanship have produced a collection of elegance and distinguished style. Our impeccable offering is the entire styling experience from Garment Creations to Jewelry Design.
This case study focuses on deploying the mTest framework on the “”Banudesigns”” web application
which allows the people to buy creative garments and jewelry online. Buyer can customize their product, select from the various categories and ask for their custom fitted garments.”

challenges ,solutions &

technologies black


  1. Extensive Customizations:
    Extensive customizations to the pre-built theme.
  2. Script blocking:
    Some scripts were keep on blocking by shopify.


  1. Roadplan:
    Created a plan to overcome the challenges.
  2. Acceptable Scripts:
    Updated the scripts acceptable by shopify.

Technologies Used

  1. Technology:
  2. Plugins:

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