Top 5 Websites Built with Laravel

“Websites promote you 24/7. No employee will do that.” – Paul Cookson 

As a business owner, you are more aware of the importance of having a strong digital presence (especially a website) for your business. Your website will be live 24/7, promoting your business and offerings to your potential customers.  

When choosing the best framework for web development, businesses across different verticals prefer Laravel compared to their peers.  

According to Google Trends, Laravel secured the highest score in the past five years compared to Symfony, Codeigniter and CakePHP when it comes to the value of Interest over time (Global relevant searched term/topic over time).  

As of June 2021, the value of Interest over time for Laravel web development was 71, while others had less than 15.  

websites built with Laravel framework

Before we jump into top websites built with Laravel framework, let’s have a peek at what Laravel is.  

What is Laravel? 

Laravel is a free and open-source PHP framework designed to develop web platforms centered on the model–view–controller (MVC) model. It reuses the existing components of other frameworks such as Yii, CodeIgniter, and other programming languages such as Ruby on Rails, enabling fast web development.  

Laravel offers the following advantages and features, which makes it the ideal framework for web development among developers and businesses.  

  • Integration with third-party services enable the development of highly scalable websites 
  • Quick development, since Laravel recuses the existing components from other frameworks and programming languages 
  • Equip with 15+ built-in modules and libraries 
  • Laravel uses hashed passwords & SQL injection attacks, making it an ideal framework for developing secure web platforms 
  • Lastly, the framework has a large community of active members 

The top leading brands across different industries have opted for this framework, making it a sought-after option for web development.  Around 645,082 active websites are developed using Laravel worldwide. Read on to explore top, and awesome websites build on Laravel.  

Top 5 Websites Built with Laravel Framework  

1. Invoice Ninja

Invoice Ninja is an open-source invoicing solution intended to help businesses and freelancers process payments, monitor expenses, generate custom invoices and curate proposals in one place.

Though less prevalent in the marketplace, Invoice Ninja is a powerful invoicing solution delivered via a SaaS model and as service software.

Thus, it gives users the freedom to choose whether they want to host it on their own infrastructure or utilize it via a public cloud.  

Currently, more than 170,000 businesses count on Invoice Ninja for easy and fast invoicing.  

2. Alison 

Introduced in 2007, Alison is one of the leading eLearning platforms that offer online education and upskilling courses.

The platform offers various online courses, certificates, and diplomas in categories including sales and marketing, IT, health, business, language, personal development, management, engineering and construction, teaching, and academics.  

With 20+ million users in 195 nations, Allison is transforming how the world upskills.  

3. Barchart  

Barchart is a worldwide leading stock, forex, cryptocurrency, futures research platform intended to provide traders and investors with a quick overview of the markets (US, UK, Canada, and more).

All in all, the platform has a huge collection of tools under one roof for fundamental and technical research spanning domestic as well as global markets.  

As of January 2021, the platform crossed 3.7 million users.  

4. MyRank 

Another leading eLearning platform built with the Laravel framework is MyRank. Known as India’s top self-assessment platform, MyRank offers online learning and guidance to students who wish to achieve their educational goals.

The platform provides assistance for the courses such as NTSE, MPC/PCM, Bank PO, GRE, Gate, and MSc Agri, to name a few.  

MyRank has achieved many milestones with around 36, 402 students enrolled, 91,389 queries resolved, and 100, 568 tests taken.  

5. is a platform that connects content writers with their fans to collaborate for great revenue earning opportunities. Through this platform, you can search images, avatar, art and much more as content.  

A platform built using Laravel framework, is expanding worldwide, and credit goes to its uniqueness. 

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How InfoStride Can Help Your Business? 

Are these websites built with Laravel has inspired you to build your own website using the same framework?

If so, you need a web development partner who will help you achieve your business goals through this venture. InfoStride specializes in developing client-focused, customer-centric websites and web platforms with the use of Laravel to elevate your business.  

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Laravel is an ideal framework to develop high-performance, scalable and robust websites and web applications. Above all, as you can see from the above list, the framework is also highly suitable for developing websites for businesses from diverse industry verticals.  

Do you know an awesome website built using Laravel apart from our list? We’d love to hear from you, so let us know in the comments below.