Cloud Migration & enablement

Cloud Build, Migration and Development of AWS, Azure or ‘big data’ frameworks, resources & solutions.

cloud migration &


Cloud Build, Migration and Development of AWS, Azure or ‘big data’ frameworks, resources & solutions.

The cloud is all about ease and flexibility, but that doesn’t mean it’s always plain sailing when getting things up and running. Instead of learning the pitfalls of the cloud by doing, InfoStride cloud enablement service ensures your journey into the cloud is painless, simple and speedy.

After a range of successful enterprise-scale cloud strategy projects, our experts devised a step-by-step program to assist businesses on their cloud journey. From project kick off and technology design to migration and return on investment (ROI) projection, we’re on-hand to take the stress of large-scale migration project off internal resources, helping businesses realize the power of the cloud without taking their focus away from what they do best.



Code Deployment

The key to developing a scalable infrastructure in AWS/Azure is automating your code deployment process. InfoStride help clients navigate the complexities of AWS/Azure Code Deployment and other services to enable push-button deployments and Continuous Integration / Continuous Deployment pipelines. Once we have automated the code deployment process, we can help clients create automated build out and tear down of ephemeral staging environments, implement container management services, and much more.

24 x 7 Monitoring

Monitoring is no longer about whether servers are up or down–everything is up all the time. But how is the application actually performing for end-users? InfoStride sophisticated monitoring tools help us pinpoint application errors and performance bottlenecks so your users can enjoy the full brilliance of your software. We use a combination of AWS tools, best-of-breed 3rd party tools, and our own custom scripts to make sure your application is always humming along nicely

Local Partnerships

InfoStride work with many Independent Software Vendors (ISVs), Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and E-Commerce companies to help them scale their applications, optimize cost, and streamline their code deployment processes. The ultimate goal is to help our clients innovate faster by allowing their developers to remain focused on developing new features, rather than getting bogged down in managing infrastructure.

Operational Support

InfoStride offer regional HR teams who understand local laws and nuances. We partner with payroll and benefits providers and even provide equity to your remote employees to ensure they are fully motivated.

State-of-the-art workspaces

InfoStride build world-class workspaces tailored to technical teams. Every aspect is built to facilitate remote collaboration – a high meeting room to open space ratio, best-in-class video conferencing, and more.

Ongoing Professional learning and Development

InfoStride foster a thriving technical community, host learning and development opportunities and create great content to invest in the growth of your engineers.

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