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Across industries, outsourcing has now become the new normal for software development. Businesses and startups have realized the numerous benefits that outsourcing and building offshore development teams bring to the table. Deloitte’s global outsourcing survey shows that 70% of organizations outsource to reduce costs. Besides acting as an effective cost-cutting strategy, offshore outsourcing is proven to ensure […]

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It’s quite apparent that COVID-19 has played an efficacious role in the rising popularity of mindfulness and meditation apps. But many people have realized the value of meditation since 2015 with the fact: “Searches or Queries for yoga and meditation apps, such as “mindfulness apps” or “yoga for beginners app,” grew 65% YoY.” – as per Think with […]

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SMOKE TESTING: Smoke testing originated in the hardware testing practise of turning on a new piece of hardware for the first time and considering it a success if it does not catch fire and smoke. In the software industry, smoke testing is a shallow and wide approach whereby all areas of the application without getting […]

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Include product background in test strategy document. In first paragraph of your test strategy document answer – Why stakeholders want to develop this project? This will help to understand and prioritize things quickly. List all important features you are going to test. If you think some features is not part of this release then mention […]

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Stands for Rational Unified Process Framework Needs to be configured/tailored Contains phases, iterations, and workflows Has artifacts, templates, and guidelines Helps an organization achieve Capability Maturity Model (CMM) level. What will RUP do for you? Improve existing processes based on proven software engineering expertise Provide standards for requirements management Provide processes that support object-oriented analysis, […]


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